The professional team of KARDIOMEDIKA-SRBINOVSKI consists of experienced and highly educated medical doctors, cardiologists, specialists in internal medicine, general practitioners and experienced nurses.

     Prof. dr. Lazar Srbinovski
       specialist for internal medicine - cardiologist

. Doyen of the Macedonian Cardiology;
. Full-time Professor of Internal Medicine at the Medical and Dental Faculty-Skopje;
. Long-time Manager of the Cardiology Clinic- Insitute for Cardio-vascular diseases-Skopje;
. Founder and long-time warden of the department for Coronary artery desease-
  Unit for Intensive coronary care;
. Founder and long-time warden of the Pace-maker center at the Cardiology clinic
. President of Macedonian  Society  of Cardiology for several mandates;
. Member of the European Society  of Cardiology, of Houston, USA, member   of the               American college for cardiology and member of International internal medicine                      association of the St.Luke’s Episcopal Hospital and Texas Hearth
  Institute-Houston.... Read more


1     Prof. dr. Elizabeta Srbinovska–Kostovska
      specialist for internal medicine - cardiologist

    Prof. D-r sci Elizabeta Srbinovska-Kostovska is a professor of Internal medicine at the Medical faculty in Skopje and she is also employed as a doctor specialist-internist-cardiologist at the Cardiology clinic in Skopje.
      Prof. D-r sci Elizabeta Srbinovska-Kostovskawas  born in the 1961 in Skopje. She graduated high school in her native town. She graduated on the Faculty of medicine in 1984 with average grade 9.5 . From the 1985 she is employeed at Cardiology clinic - Skopje, in the  Department  of  rheumatic heart diseases.

    She  started  to work with echo – cardiography  in 1987. She has been elected an  assistant of internal medicine in 1988 and since than she is teaching the medicine and stomatology students.... Read more



Dr. Mitra Bogoeska Blazevska

specialist for internal medicine

Dr. Biljana Stefanovska
general practise



Lidija Samadzieva

Vesna Tasevska
technical staff




Stevce Srbinovski
specialist for dental diseases and the diseases of the endodoncium

Nikola Pljakoski

Professional associates and consultants , dentists, nurses and technical staff.


             KARDIOMEDIKA SRBINOVSKI has active and successful cooperation with many health organizations  and eminent specialists in Macedonia and especially with the following:

      PHO RADIOLOGY DIAGNOSTIC “D-r TOLOVSKI” Str. Zeleznicka   No 50, Skopje, Macedonia  Tel. + 389 2 3110 003

      PHO  “OKULUS  M”. Str. Ilindenska No.43, Skopje, Tel.  +389 2 3237 733

  • Prof. D-r   GLIGOR PALCEVSKI  
    specialist – gynecologist

      PHO  “D-r Palcevski ”. Str. Njegoseva  No.25, Skopje, Tel.  +389 2 3062 029

  • Cardiology Clinic, Faculty of Medicine, Skopje. 

There is a special Agreement between KARDIOMEDIKA-SRBINOVSKI and Cardiology  Clinic for professional and educative cooperation.




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Place of residence 

KARDIOMEDIKA-SRBINOVSKIis located in the central part of the Karpos municipality behind the Faculty of Tourism.

•  It is situated in an adequate premises, in the lobby of the tower 2, on the Blvd ”Partizanski Odredi” No 97/2 with good traffic accesibility and a privately owned parking lot.

     Phone. + 389 2 3072 472
     Fax: + 389 2 3072 442


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