KARDIOMEDIKA-SRBINOVSKI with its highly educated and professional staff, along witn many years of experience in the field of Cardiology and with sophisticated equipment, expertise in managing of prevention, detection, diagnostics and treatment of patients with cardiovascular, internal desases, in general practice and dentistry and especially treats the following deseases:

• Coronary artery desease
• Reumathic and valvular heart deseases
• Congenital and acquired heart deseases
• Cardiomiopathy and heart failure
• Arterial hyppertension
• Heart arrythmias, medicamentosal treatment and electrotherapy
• Synkop conditions, therapy, monitoring and treatment
• Indicating for invasive diagnostics, syrgical treatment and cardia       rehabilitation
• Coronary risk profile and nutrition advices
• Other deseases from internal and general practice
• Biochemical and chematological analysys
• Pre-employment examinations
• Periodical examinations
• Dental and mouth deseases with complete dental service

            KARDIOMEDIKA-SRBINOVSKI is managed by its founder, the eminent cardiologist, widely known in Macedonia and worldwide, Professor Dr. Lazar Srbinovski, a full-time professor at the Medical Faculty in Skopje and long time director of the Institute for cardiovascular deseases- Cardiology Clinic in Skopje which exemplifies significant assurance that the acquired experiences from the scope of Cardiology and Internal medicine in treating great number of patients will continue in this institution.

            In KARDIOMEDIKA-SRBINOVSKIi you can make an appointment directly by phone or by e-mail every working day from 8:00h to 17:00h.

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Place of residence 

KARDIOMEDIKA-SRBINOVSKIis located in the central part of the Karpos municipality behind the Faculty of Tourism.

•  It is situated in an adequate premises, in the lobby of the tower 2, on the Blvd ”Partizanski Odredi” No 97/2 with good traffic accesibility and a privately owned parking lot.

     Phone. + 389 2 3072 472
     Fax: + 389 2 3072 442

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