The primary activity of KARDIOMEDIKA-SRBINOVSKI is performing clinical and consultative examinations and diagnostic procedures thgrough the following organisation:

 1. Specialised department for cardiovascular diseases

 2. Specialised department for internal medicine.

 3. Department for electrocardiography (EKG)

 4. Department for Doppler-Echo cardiography and Doppler of peripheral blood vessels and carotid      arteries.

 5. Department for 24 hour monitoring of hard rhytm, Holter ECG and arrhytmias

 6. Department for 24 hour ABP( Ambulatory blood pressure ) monitoring

 7. Department for exercise stress test (treadmill test)

 8. Department for General practice

 9. Clinical-biochemic labaratory

10. Specialised department of dentistry- Dentomedika-Srbinovski

Consultative specialized clinics for:

- RTG diagnostics,
- ophthalmology,
- gineacology,
- otorinolaringology,
- clinical biochemistry
- and other services.


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Place of residence 

KARDIOMEDIKA-SRBINOVSKIis located in the central part of the Karpos municipality behind the Faculty of Tourism.

•  It is situated in an adequate premises, in the lobby of the tower 2, on the Blvd ”Partizanski Odredi” No 97/2 with good traffic accesibility and a privately owned parking lot.

     Phone. + 389 2 3072 472
     Fax: + 389 2 3072 442

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