DENTOMEDICA  SRBINOVSKI - private dental practice
Bul. Partizanski odredi No 97 Municipality Karpos
Skopje, Macedonia
Tel +389 2 3075 666; + 389 75 423 293;

  • D-r STEVCE SRBINOVSKI – Specialist   for teeth and   endodontium diseases   was   born on 22.12.1966 in Skopje, Macedonia.. Eelementary and secondary school he finished in Skopje and he graduated on the Faculty of Dentistry-Skopje.
  • After the faculty, he  completed the specialization  for teeth and endodontium diseases. He started to work on the Dentistry clinic at the Faculty of Dentistry in Skopje in the Department for   mouth and endodontium  diseases where he worked as dentist-specialist.
  • He was actively involved in the practical education at the Faculty of Dentistry as an assistant for the mouth and endodontium diseases. He gave a great contribution in education of a great number of dentists.
  • He follows continuously   latest achievements and news in the field of dentistry particularly for teeth and endodontium diseases through numerous dentistry books as well as through participation on numerous symposiums and congresses in the country and abroad.
  • He was on professional specialization in Private Dental Office in Ingelstadt, Germany. He was also a visiting dentist at the Denistry clinic of St.Lucia hospital in Houston, Texas, USA.
  • He is a respected member of the  Macedonian Dental Association and from 1998 he is also a member of the American Dental Association.
  • D-r Stevce Srbinovski has gained a great experience through his practical work at the Clinic for mouth and endodontium diseases in Skopje and he continued applying his experience in his private dental clinic DENTOMEDIKA-SRBINOVSKI in which a great number of dental services are performed  especially in the field of mouth and endodontium diseases, prosthetic  and  esthetic dentistry.




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Place of residence 

KARDIOMEDIKA-SRBINOVSKIis located in the central part of the Karpos municipality behind the Faculty of Tourism.

•  It is situated in an adequate premises, in the lobby of the tower 2, on the Blvd ”Partizanski Odredi” No 97/2 with good traffic accesibility and a privately owned parking lot.

     Phone. + 389 2 3072 472
     Fax: + 389 2 3072 442


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